Kids Ski School




- Beginners - first days on skies
- Dashing (schussing down the slops)
- Snowplough
- Snow brake
- Right and left turns

Blue I

- First run on a blue slope
- Improving turns
- Speed check
- Basic carving (snow plough + parallel skiing)
- Kids' basic position

Blue II

- blue and easy red slopes
- Basic carving
- Using ski poles properly
- Smaller snowplough
- Gates open (smaller snowplough)
- Closing the gates earlier (Parallel)


- Skiing on red slopes
- Skiing parallel
- Improving the usage of poles
- Increasing the speed
- Kids' short turns


- Black Slopes
- First Carving
- Technique programme
- Moguls
- Different terrain and powder snow

Quickly successful due to the perfect grouping:

  • Thanks to this system we can save valuable course time and thereby guarantee an intensive ski course.
  • You will soon notice big improvements in your child, and your child will also have fun.



  • Organisation: at the meeting point parents group the children based on their skiing skills.
  • Meeting point 9.45am meeting point Sommerberg / Eggalm

Grouping for Ski Kids

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